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Our Story

As a family-owned business, we want to open the door to the heart of our guests to also the warm, welcoming, unforgettable, courteous culture of hospitality that we grew up with. We want to connect to our guests, please them, and create an everlasting bond.
We aim to bring delicious and affordable contemporary Indian cuisine to San Francisco. We take pride in sourcing the best ingredients from local California farmers and produce markets. To ensure the best quality, we also source authentic Indian and Himalayan herbs and spices.
We are equally environment conscious and use compostable containers in daily operation. 
Always feel free to walk in, be greeted with a heartfelt smile and Namaste, and enjoy our food and hospitality culture.

In the Kitchen

Om Kandel, our chef, brings his deep knowledge in the culinary industry, experience, and inspiration to lay a foundation of Ocean Indian Cuisine. He is committed to the quality of food and service. 
His pleasant, happy, cheerful, calm, composed, and humble person brings energy and confidence to the team. He constantly inspires everyone to get the best out of themselves.
He is skilled and seasoned in Indo-Chinese fusion, authentic Himalayan, and modern Indian cuisine. After working under many Michelin Star Chef and successfully helping out to establish his brother-owned Tara Indian Cuisine, Om, is not afraid to bring new and innovative ideas and recipes through his own practice and experience. 
"I am fond of food and grew up in a rich culture. I want to share the experience through my art and serve it
to my guests."
- Om Kandel

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